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Engineering Consultancy Projects

Sewage Treatment Plant of Capacity 180 KLD
M/s Genesis Enviroman Pvt. Ltd, New Delhi.

Effluent Treatment Plant For Dairy Industry of Capacity 1000KLD
M/s Vanita Agro Pvt. Ltd., Ichalkaranji.

Effluent Treatment Plant For Fruit Processing Industry of Capacity 300 KLD

Effluent Treatment Plant For Agro Industry of Capacity 250 KLD

Sewage Treatment Plant of Capacity 31 KLD

Revamping of ETP For Textile Industry of Capacity 3500 KLD
M/s Banswara Fabrics Ltd – Rajasthan

125 KLPD Sugar cane juice & molasses based Biogas digester followed by Zero Liquid Discharge
M/s San Carlos Bio-energy at San Carlos city – Philippines.
A/c KBK Chem. Engineering Pvt Ltd Pune.

Biogas digester followed by multistage evaporation up to generation of dry paste
M/s Roxol Bio-energy – Bacolod – Philippines.

Engaged with a Nagpur based ETP / STP OEM as third party process consultant for basic design engineering of DM, RO, ETP, Filtration system. The end client was an Egyptian Petrochemical firm and consultant was M/s Oerlikon Barman.

M/s Suman Food Consultants ( has appointed Amalgam Engineering as their independent Water & Waste Water Treatment consultant.

Procurement & Supply Projects

60 M3/Hr (1440 M3/day) Biological & Sludge Handling System For Textile Effluent
M/s Base Textile- Bangladesh

100 M3/Hr (2400 M3/day) Pretreatment & Chemical Precipitation System
M/s Denimach Washing Ltd.- Bangladesh

65 M3/Hr (1560 M3/day) Pretreatment, Chemical precipitation system, Final filtration system
M/s Raquef Apparels, Bangladesh

10 M3/Hr (240 M3/day) Pretreatment & Chemical precipitation system
M/s Water Systems & Solutions: – Bangladesh

80 M3/Hr (1920 M3/day) Effluent Treatment Plant
M/s Confidence Washing Ltd.-Bangladesh

25 M3/Hr (600 M3/day) Effluent Treatment Plant
M/s Denimach Washing Ltd.-Bangladesh

Critical equipments & spares for 350 M3/Hr (10MLD) Effluent Treatment Plant
M/s Sinha Yarn Dyeing & Fabrics Ltd.- Bangladesh

1100 m3/day Zero Liquid Discharge plant
M/s Tilaknagar Industries- Mumbai

50 M3/Hr (1200 M3/day) Effluent Treatment Plant
M/s Firefox Ltd. – Bangladesh

Lumpsum Turnkey 125 KLPD Bio-ethanol plant
M/s Tecnimont ICB- Malad, Mumbai